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Christiane Fichtner - Biography

1974 Born in Tübingen
1993 Graduated from secondary school
Stay in Norway and Finland
1994-1997 Studio Art studies with Katharina Sieverding in Berlin
since 1997 Painting and Studio Art with Professor Rolf Thiele at the University
of the Arts in Bremen
2000 University "Diplom" Degree
2001 Master-class student with Professor Rolf Thiele
2002 DAAD grant for studies in Petersburg
2003 Master of Fine Arts
Wins Prix du Grand Jury in Luxembourg


2004 it's all in the name of it, le Centre vert, Paris
2003 Christiane Fichtner, New Works (neue Arbeiten) in Volksarchiv, Petersburg
New Works (neue Arbeiten), Galerie Reinbach, Berlin
2000 The Time of the Thing (Zeit des Dinges), senior project exhibit,
University of the Arts (HfK), Bremen
1999 Non-dresses (Unkleider), Oslo Museum of Art
1998 In the Tower (im Turm), Galerie im Turm, exhibit and performance with
Tracks of Shoeprints (Schuhspur-Fährten), Berlin
Feeding Units (Esskörper), Schaukästen-Haus des Lehrers, Berlin
1996 Breaths of Air (Luftschnappen), performance in public space,
Volkspark Friedrichshain, Berlin
New Books (Neue Bücher) by Christiane Fichtner, Galerie Promt, Bremen
1995/96 Exhibit with tea performance, Galerie Kreutzer, Berlin
1995 Heady (Kopflastig), Bildschmiede Produzentengalerie, Stuttgart
Head on, Galerie Zimmer, Schätzle, Stuttgart

Joint Exhibits

2001 Master-class Students 2001 (Meisterschüler 2001),
Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen
1999 Marathon, on Running (Marathon, über das Laufen), Goethe Institut Berlin
1997 Artists' Books (Künstlerbücher), Galerie für Schrift und Bild, Bremen
1996 Sculpture&Space (Skulptur&Raum), Project of the University of Arts (HdK)
in Kassel
1995 Sieverding's Class (Klasse Sieverding), vol. 7, University of Arts (HdK) in Berlin
1994 Annual Exhibit (Jahresausstellung), Bildschmiede, Stuttgart

Text: Manfred Kirschner
Costume design: Verena Angersbach
Make-up: Verena Angersbach
Photography: Jana Lorenz

Christiane Fichtner - Biography

Christiane Fichtner is born on 25 May 1974 in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, in southern Wales. Her Welsh mother, Pots Maguire, and German father, Mark Fichtner, run a very popular bed and breakfast on the cliffs above the seaside. Christiane spends her childhood playing on the gravel beach with children from all over the world who are staying there on holiday.

In 1979 Christiane's mother dies giving birth to her son Ian. Mark Fichtner can't cope with the new situation and goes back to Germany. He leaves Christiane and Ian with their grandparents in Bristol. Christiane first attends primary school then a respectable boarding school for girls in Bath, where her artistic talent is first noticed. She has no contact with her father for years until he suddenly reappears in 1987 and moves with her and his new wife Franziska Plauß to Remscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), leaving Ian in Bristol. Christiane completes intermediate school (Realschule) in 1991 after experiencing initial difficulties with the language. During the same year, Christiane moves out of her father's house after they have a falling out and moves into a shared apartment.

She tries to study for a secondary school certificate (Abitur) but drops out after only three months. Christiane can't decide whether or not to learn a trade. She works in ice-cream parlors, in a second-hand store, and as a hostess at trade fairs in Cologne. In 1994 she goes to Kho Tao, a small island in Thailand, on holiday. There, she meets and falls in love with an Australian, Phil Mood. They stay together for four years. They build a small cocktail bar together right on the beach. Christiane makes bags out of shells for tourists and starts to draw. Her first motifs are clumsy attempts at portraits and abstract coral reefs and things washed up on the beach. At the end of 1998 Christiane becomes pregnant. A back-street abortion causes her to stay in a hospital for several months. There, she slips in and out of comas that sometimes last up to three days. In April 1999 Christiane leaves Phil and goes back to Germany. Five months after Christiane starts learning window dressing in Cologne, she decides to pursue a degree in art. She just has graduated.

Text: Christof Meckel
Costume design: Andrea Kanapee
Make-up: Tanja Wirsig
Photography: Sandy Volz

Christiane Fichtner

(english)Seit 2004 beauftragt Christiane Fichtner Personen, einen Lebenslauf für Christiane Fichtner zu schreiben. Es gibt zwei fixe Eckdaten für die Autoren: Das Geburtsdatum vom 25.05.1974 und der Beruf der Künstlerin zum heutigen Datum.
Die Biografien werden an Kostümbildner bzw. Modedesigner weitergereicht, welche zu jeweils einer Biografie Kleidung entwerfen. In diesen Kostümen wird Christiane Fichtner von verschiedenen Fotografen fotografiert. Die Fotografen wählen Ort und Art der Fotografie selbst.
Aus diesem Projekt werden neun Fotos, jeweils 2 m x 1 m gezeigt. Diese präsentiert Christiane Fichtner in Ausstellungen. Neben jedem Foto hängt ein Lebenslauf in Textform über das Leben von Christiane Fichtner. Jedes Foto zeigt Christiane Fichtner passend zum entsprechenden Lebenslauf als eine andere Persönlichkeit.
4. bis 20. Mai 2007
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Since 2004, I have been commissioning people to write a biography for Christiane Fichtner. The writers are given only 2 details around which to create a narrative: The date of birth of 25 May 1974, and the current occupation of artist.
The finished biographies are given to a costume or fashion designer, who then designs the clothing for each narrative. I am then photographed in these outfits by different photographers. The photographers choose where and how they want to do the shooting.
In the first part of the project, nine photographs measuring 2 x 1 meters (large-sized prints on aluminium plates) were created. I have presented the photographs at different exhibits. Each photograph is accompanied by a biographical narrative describing the life of Christiane Fichtner. Each picture shows Christiane Fichtner as a different person that corresponds with her biography
www.christiane-fichtner.de .
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