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"Rückzugsorte", Aktion in Stuttgart

Vortrag in der Oberwelt

Housse-à-tête (Cover at head)
I moved the box in differents spots as aid materials in Rimouski ( a small town).
I used this shelter and I looked how people reacted.

Tente-à-tête (Tent for head)
With this prototype I started to make objects like manufactured products.
I made posters and instructions with this shelter. It’s a small folding tent that I can put and transport in its bag.
I made photographies in differents public
and privates spaces.
I made drawings from those photos.

Abri-sur-roues, 2003 (Shelter–on-weels)
This is a first prototype of transportable shelter that I maked.
With this one, I walked in the city and I found some places where I could put my shelter.
I did this action in Montréal and during Theater street festival.
In the Festival it was a different experience.
Because the spectators were there to see something.
On this picture an unknown person carried me to another spot.
It was strange, because i didn’t put the weels for this function.

Ensemble à combler le vide (Kit to fill a empty space)
It’s a necessary material to make an ambivalant installation
which oscillates between temporary shelter and trap.
This kit comes in a box and instructions.
There are a lot of yarns pin up in walls and stick on the floor.
Ihave made photomontages to show what is possible to do
with this kit.

Nous sommes ici!
Wir sind hier!

Anne-Marie Ouellet / Lena Röth

Die kanadische Künstlerin beschäftigt sich mit Möglichkeiten, sich vor anderen Personen abzuschirmen. Gemeinsam mit der Stuttgarter Künstlerin Lena Röth hat sie in Stuttgart zwischen 10. und 12. Juli eine Aktion im öffentlichen Raum entwickelt und eine Dokumentation, sowie den Zusammenhang ihres Schaffens vorgestellt.
Statement in englisch siehe unten.
Donnerstag, 12. Juli, 19.30 Uhr
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Artist statement
My practice is multidisciplinary. I make drawing, objects, installations and interventions. I work around a notion of protection in link with the individuality. I question a real necessity to have a protection and the limits of this protection. This notion, in relation with habitation may be seen like a body extension. I work mostly about shelter as utilitary object.
This idea of human protection is present in an absurd way. Portable shelters, covering head to shoulders or the entire body, propose to do a false protection. Prototypes come with instructions like a manufactured product. A reference to the politic of ostrich « to bury one’s head in the sand » to avoid danger. This politic brings a questioning on real function of protection and voluntary blindness imposed by covering. Objects put in context by intervention in public and private space. It’s principally by photography that my actions are documented.
My questioning is about individualism in community and the line between public and private space. The vulnerability in urban society may give behaviours to certain person were notion of the other is left aside to take oneself advantage. Iby suggesting objects which go the direction of individuality desire into comunity, that my work invest the resistance notion.
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